Department of Sports & Physical Education :-

“Sports are the epitome of hard work & dedication. To get the pinnacle of sports, even the most naturally gifted athlets have to give it their all”

“It’s not whether you get knocked down, its whether you get up” – Vince Lombardi

Introduction : Dayanand college of commerce has carved a niche in the sports and related extra curricular activities since its very establishment in the year 1970. Prof. B.N. Patil was the first head of this department. Mr. Patil contributed immensely in the all round development of the students by making them available facilities of sports and physical education. In 2006, after the retirement of Mr. Patil, Prof. Prashant Dixit was given a charge of the department till 2011. On 7th February 2011 Prof. Dr. Ashok Waghmare was appointed as the director of physical education. Since then to the date, Dr. Waghmare has been instrumental in moulding the students as sports personalities.

Our college has a tradition of providing an all round development of students by making them available facilities of sports and related activities. Continuous efforts have been made by the college to tap the sporting guts of the students over the years. The college has ensured to extend high class sporting environment by making renovations of these facilities from time to time. Both the indoor and outdoor games along with the traditional Indian games are encouraged in the college by providing the essential facilities.

Faculty Members

Senior Department


Name : Dr. Waghmare Ashok Madhavrao

Designation : Director of Physical Education.

Qualification : M.P.Ed., M.Phil, Ph.D.

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Junior Department

Name : Mr. Maske Rushikesh Trimbak

Designation : Sports teacher

Qualification : M.Com, B.P.Ed., PGDMM

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1. Gymkhana Facilities :

A)    Outdoor games

B)    Indoor games

2. Organized events :

1)      20, 21 Dec. 2013 inter collegiate Tennis (M) tournament participating team of SRTMU, Nanded.

2)      16, 17 Sept. 2013 Regional level inter collegiate Kho-Kho tournament (Male) – A Zone

3)      02, 03 Dec. 2012 central zone tennis (M) tournament.

4)      21, 22 Sept. 2011 – Regional intercollegiate volleyball (M)

3.Achievements :

Team event :-

2011-12 Runner up ‘C’ zone inter collegiate badminton tournament (F)

2011-12 winner ‘A’ zone intercollegiate chess tournament (M)

2011-12 Runner up ‘C’ zone intercollegiate chess tournament (M)

2008-09 winner ‘A’ zone inter collegiate cricket tournament (M)

2008-09 Runner up ‘C’ zone intercollegiate badminton (M)

2009-10 winner ‘A’ zone intercollegiate cricket tournament (M)

2009-10 winner (shared) ‘C’ zone inter collegiate cricket tournament (M)

Individual event :-

2013-14 Shweta Shinde stood first and Pooja Timke second at the malkhamb competition at central zone.

2009-10 Pratibha Garje stood second in the malkhamb tournament at central zone.

2009-10 Sayyed Naved stood first in the weightlifting tournament at central zone.

2009-10 Pujalwad Sunil stood first in the weightlifting tournament at central zone.

2008-09 Sampage Manish stood first in the shotput tournament at central zone.

2007-08 More Amol stood first in Discthrow, Shotput, Joyling throw tournament at A zone.

2007-08 Sampage Manish first in hammer throw tournament at A zone.

2007-08 Mahindrakar Vinaya first in running race (400 meters) a A zone.

List of IUT participated students :-

Sr.No. Name of the students Name of event Place Year
01 Kamble Pramod B. Badminton IUT 2011-12
02 Suvarnkar Bhagwan V. Ball Badminton IUT 2011-12
03 Kulkarni Prashant M. Cricket IUT 2011-12
04 Agrawal Kishori M. Badminton IUT 2011-12
05 Suvarnakar Bhagwan V. Ball Badminton IUT 2011-12
06 Adsul Krishnanath B. Badminton IUT 2010-11
07 Garje Pratibha D. Badminton IUT 2009-10
Sr.No. Name of the students Name of event Place Year
01 Londhe V.S. Chess A Zone 2012-13
02 Kamble S.J. Chess A Zone 2012-13
03 Jadhav P.S. Chess A Zone 2012-13
04 Shelke A.K. Chess A Zone 2012-13
05 Mundada P.S. Chess A Zone 2012-13
06 Londhe V.V. Chess A Zone 2012-13
07 Thadkar P.L. Badminton A Zone 2010-11
08 Kulkarni A.S. Badminton A Zone 2010-11
09 Mantri N.J. Badminton A Zone 2010-11
10 Adsul K.B. Badminton A Zone 2010-11
11 Killarikar S.R. Badminton A Zone 2010-11
12 Kamble P.B. Badminton A Zone 2010-11
13 Mogle A.P. Table-Tennis A Zone 2008-09

IUT & ICT Winner, Runners Certificates :-

Sr.No. Name of the students Name of event Place Year
01 Kulkarni A.S. Badminton ‘C’ zone runner 2012-13
02 Bhagwat S.T. Badminton ‘C’ zone runner 2012-13
03 Agrawal K.M. Badminton ‘C’ zone runner 2012-13
04 Jathan K.K. Badminton ‘C’ zone runner 2012-13
05 Mane R.S. Badminton ‘C’ zone runner 2012-13
06 Adsul K.B. Badminton ‘C’ zone winner 2010-11
07 Mantri N.J. Badminton ‘C’ zone winner 2010-11
08 Kulkarni A.S. Badminton ‘C’ zone winner 2010-11
09 Kamble P.B. Badminton ‘C’ zone winner 2010-11
10 Thadkar S.R. Badminton ‘C’ zone winner 2010-11
11 Killarikar S.R. Badminton ‘C’ zone winner 2010-11
12 Sayyed I.S. Cricket ‘C’ zone winner 2010-11
13 Bharti M.N. Cricket ‘C’ zone winner 2010-11
14 Gaware V.S. Cricket ‘C’ zone winner 2010-11
15 Adsul K.B. Cricket ‘C’ zone winner 2010-11
16 Lahane P.A. Cricket ‘C’ zone winner 2010-11
17 Khandagale S.S. Cricket ‘C’ zone winner 2010-11
18 Kulkarni P.M. Cricket ‘C’ zone winner 2010-11
19 Wasarkar T.D. Cricket ‘C’ zone winner 2010-11
20 Maske R.T. Cricket ‘C’ zone winner 2010-11
21 Inamdar S.N. Cricket ‘C’ zone winner 2010-11
22 Chavan A.P. Cricket ‘C’ zone winner 2010-11
23 Jewalikar P.P. Cricket ‘C’ zone winner 2010-11
24 Kulkarni D.B. Cricket ‘C’ zone winner 2010-11
25 Bidve S.V. Cricket ‘C’ zone winner 2010-11
26 Ankushe G.C. Cricket ‘C’ zone winner 2010-11
27 Mali A.I. W.Lifting ‘C’ zone Ist 2009-10
28 Mali A.I. P. Lifting ‘C’ zone IInd 2008-09
29 Bhagwat A.H. B. Physics ‘C’ zone Ist 2008-09
30 Maske S.B. B.Physics ‘C’ zone IInd 2008-09
31 Gaikwad S.S. P. Lifting ‘C’ zone Ist 2008-09
32 Zunje Y.B. Taiquando ‘C’ zone IInd 2008-09
33 Gaikwad S.S. Taiquando ‘C’ zone Ist 2007-08
34 Zunje Y.B. Yogasana ‘C’ zone IInd 2004-05

Contribution in police training :

The director of Physical education & sports, Dr. Ashok Waghmare has also training to many police aspirants. In the last 6 years, he has imparted training to approximately 2000 youngsters. Out of this, more than 200 have been selected and recruited as PI’s, PSI’s & Indian army and Navy.

Indira Gandhi Sadbhavana Award 

Taking a note of Dr. Ashok Waghmare’s contribution to the sports, he has been recently feted with ‘Indira Gandhi Sadbhavana Award’ at New Delhi at the auspicious hands of the Governors of 6 States.