Financial Literacy Cell

Empowering people to make sound financial decisions

      Financial Literacy Cell, established in 2011, is one of the excellent units arranging extension activities. The College motivated its staff members to apply for the recognition of Resource persons (RPs) by SEBI-NISM. Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) is Government of India’s regulatory body for capital market. National Institute of Securities Markets (NISM) is the educational institute of SEBI. Dr.Brijmohan Dayma and Dr.Sarika Dayma were selected in the national panel of SEBI Resource Persons. They were given duty leave for a week to attend the Orientation Programme organized by SEBI-NISM, Navi Mumbai during 21-27 August 2011. They qualified in the post training exam and were recognized as the SEBI Certified Resource Persons.

    On the basis of their annual satisfactory performance, in August 2012, they got extension for two years upto December 2014.

     Dr.Sarika Dayma was selected for Refresher training at National Institute of Securities Markets (NISM), Bangalore during 21-22 Sept.2013. The college provided duty leave for it.

     The resource persons provide free consultancy relating to the need of financial literacy, saving and investment, different investment options and related aspects. Their area of operation is limited to Maharashtra State. The beneficiaries are school children, College students, middle income group, homemakers, young investors, retired persons and executives.

      The students as well as the teaching and office staff are provided with Financial Awareness tips. They are supported with the study material provided by SEBI, essential to know the Financial Planning and investment.

      The college organized three Workshops for girl students of ‘Yuvati Kalyan Mandal’ (16 Sept.2011) and Women Hostel girls (25 Sept. 2011, 29 Sept.2013) under the scheme.

      We organized the workshops in following colleges having MOU with us.

  1. DSM College, Parbhani
  2. Peoples College, Nanded
  3. Rajarshi Shahu College, Latur
  4. Dayanand College of Law, Latur
  5. Dayanand Science College, Latur


  • Since August 2011, total 106 workshops are conducted throughout Maharashtra.
  • More than ten thousand participants benefited from the workshop during last three years.
  • On satisfactory performance of the RPs, their tenure is extended upto 31st Dec.2014.
  • Due to the excellent track record of past two years, our two RPs were selected for promoting the NFLAT.

Challenges faced-

  • Initially the study material was in Hindi and English only. However, most of the participants were from Marathi speaking community. We requested SEBI to provide material in Marathi and since 2013 it is available.
  • The resource persons have to arrange workshops after normal working hours or during holidays.
  • It is challenging to convince rural people, senior citizens and deprived sections for the workshop.

Workshop Brochure


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