Junior College

Our junior college takes genuine efforts for the knowledge growth of the students. We have one aided and two non-aided divisions at F.Y.J.C. and S.Y.J.C. Seeing the importance of vocational education we provide two vocational courses such as Banking, Small Industries and Self Employment (SISE). The important subject like Information Technology is also taught at junior level. The students have the language options in Marathi, Hindi and Sanskrit. The students of XI and XII can also opt for the important subject like Mathematics.

Since the academic year 2009-10 the department is introducing following Minimum Competency Vocational Courses (MCVC).

  1. Computer Techniques
  2. Multimedia Internet Technology
  3. Accounting & Auditing

Shri V.A. Vede is the Head of the Junior College department. He is an experienced teacher having the qualification M.Com., B.Ed., M.Phil