Latur is a well-known business city. Before 52 years very few schools were available to provide education in Latur. Educational facility after matriculation was not available. The students had to go to Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai, Aurangabad for the higher education. Only rich family students were able to seek such education. The visionary and education loving people from Latur came together and decided to start a college.

In the year 1961 the foundation of Dayanand Education Society was made for the students of Latur district. In few years Dayanand College came forward as a reputed college. The students strength was raising day by day. As per the need of time, independent commerce college was established in the year 1970. Expert teachers and visionary dignitaries worked hard to make the college well renowned in the state. The merit of the independent colleges is touching the sky now. We are continuously taking efforts to maintain our meritorious height.

Location Map:

The Geographical location of Latur is between 18°05′ North to 18°7′ North and 73°25′ East to 77°25′ East in the Deccan plateau. The nearest airport is at Aurangabad (290 kms), which is connected to Mumbai. Pune is 337 kms and Mumbai is 497s kms from Latur. It is also connected by rail with a station at Latur and Latur Road (broad gauge). State highways and roads from the district headquarters at Latur link all 10 tehsils (subdistricts) and major towns.

Dayanand Colleges are located at Barshi Road, Near Shivaji Chowk, Latur. It is 2.5 Kms. From the Central Bus station.

Campus Map :