Dr. B. T. Chavan
In-charge: Cultural Cell
(M. Com. PGDIBO, Ph.D.)


About the Cell:

                 The College has established cultural cell and it is actively participating in the festivals from the year 2001. Since then this cell is working towards zenith of outcomes. We are experiencing the outcome of our great legacy given by the Heads of this cell. We have started this cell and participated in the youth festival with three students and now we actively participate in the youth festival and getting highest zenith i.e. General championship since from last two years (2017-18 and 2018-19).

                     In the university youth festival in total 90 colleges participates from the university jurisdiction. Out of these many colleges, our college got first rank as far as awards are considered. We not only strive to win awards but also our aim is to provide best possible platform to our students to find career opportunities in the field of culture and cinema.

                       Our students are working in the film and fashion field. Our Ex students Sachin Danai has worked in many films, TV serials and television ads and Isha Agarwal has got Miss Asia Pacific award and working in fashion field. Two of our current students have got an opportunity to act in the lead role for Marathi film (Krishna Dhoot & Tausif Shaikh). We have shown great efforts in the drama department. We are consistently grabbing awards from drama department.

                         In the year 2017-18, we have got three awards for our drama in the youth festival (Best actor-Gold, Best Director-Gold, Best Drama-Gold) and in 2018-19 we have got seven awards from drama department (Best Actor-Gold, Best Actress-Gold, Best Drama-Gold, Best Director-Gold, Best Actor-Bronze, Best Actress-Bronze and Mimicry-Gold).

                           Except these awards we are also doing fantastic in the field of singing. We have got many awards from singing department also (Western Singing Solo-Gold, Indian Sining Solo-Gold, Powada-Gold, Kawali-Silver, Jalasa-Silver etc) In total in the year 2018-19 we won 18 awards and General Championship. Recently we have presented a drama at the state level competition at Satara on 4th Jan, 2019. With this great achievement we are highly motivated for great zenith from this cell.



                         Encouraging students to participate in cultural activities & providing great atmosphere to them so that they can find career opportunities and build excellent careers and professionalism through this Cell.



  • To develop great respect and deep interest in our ancient Indian culture.
  • To impart excellence in the several performing arts.
  • To motivate the students for bright career in the field of culture and arts.
  • To promote the opportunities for the manifestation and development of all grand potentialities within the students.


Great Legacy:

These Teachers have coordinated this cell in the recent history.

Name of the Incharge Teacher Duration
Dr. A. N. Chavan 2001-02 to 2002-03
Shri. Satyashil Sawant 2003-04 to 2004-05
Dr. R. S. Pawar 2005-2006
Shri. Satyashil Sawant 2006-07 to 2012-13
Dr. I. R. Bidada 2013-14 to 2015-16)
Dr. S. T. Umate 2016-17
Dr. B. T. Chavan 2017-18 to Till Date


 Committee Members:

    • Manisha Ashtekar
    • Aref Shaikh
    • Akanksha Bhanji
    • Laxmikant Soni
    • Rahul Dombe


Future Plans:

    • District Level workshop covering guidance on different cultural activities.
    • Hosting University Youth Festival in the college campus.
    • Conducting Auditions for dance, acting and singing.
    • Preparing the students for presenting commercial base drama.