Consultancy services

Academic Consultancy

Dr.Atmaram Palnitkar, Dr.Kunal Badade and Dr.Rajaram Pawar play an active role in curriculum framing and related academic decisions as members of BOS, SRTMU, Nanded. Dr.Palnitkar provides his services as a member of LMC of Raja Narayanlal Lahoti English School, Latur and Jankalyan Vidyalaya, Harangul. Dr.Palnitkar’s and Dr.Badade’s expertise has been recognised by inviting him for restructuring the curriculum of University of Pune. Shri.Ramesh Joshi is the member of Publicity and intellectual wing of RSS, member of Maharashtra Jankalyan samity and member of Bhariya Shikshak Prasarak Samiti.

Research aspects in Commerce and Management

Dr.Atmaram Palnitkar and Dr.Kunal Badade are the members of Research Allocation Committee (RAC) and Research Recognition Committee (RRC) of the university. As the university representative they guide the newly registered research scholars on the aspects like research methodology, objectives of research, hypothesis, research design and related aspects.

Recently, Dr.Kunal Badade has been appointed on the Research Recognisation Committee, Board of Insurance and Transport, University of Pune.

Competitive Examination skills

Dr.Brijmohan Dayma is a well known author and speaker for competitive examination especially SET/NET exams. He has been providing consultancy services regarding this. Colleges all over Maharashtra invite him for guest lecture and guiding aspirants preparing for these exams. He is the resource person for University of Pune, Jalgaon University, SRTM University, Nanded, and Solapur University.

Financial Literacy

Dr.Brijmohan Dayma and Dr.Sarika Dayma are SEBI Certified resource persons for financial education. They provide free consultancy relating to the need of financial literacy, saving and investment, different investment options and related aspects. Their area of operation is limited to Maharashtra State. The beneficiaries are school children, College students, middle income group, homemakers, young investors, retired persons and executives.

However, the college though rendering consultancy doesn’t generate any revenue. These are our services for the society without expecting any monetary returns.